Veterinary Practices

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9th Avenue Veterinary Clinic

We offer surgery, medical check ups, nutritional information including prescription diets, dental hygiene advice, weight management advice and diets for your pets, as well as senior clinics to ensure your beloved pet enjoys a high quality of life even in their old age. We cater for a wide range of patients from equines, dogs, cats, birds, fish, as well as exotics.

Mount Croix Animal Hospital

The Mount Croix Animal Hospital was established in 1949 and is the oldest veterinary practice in Port Elizabeth. At Mount Croix Animal Hospital's competent and compassionate veterinarians offer a comprehensive range of veterinary services, both medical and surgical, for all your family pets including dogs, cats and exotics including rabbits, hamsters, reptiles and birds.

Greenfields Vet

Greenfields Vet is a small animal veterinary practice in East London in the Eastern Cape. We treat dogs and cats and sell a wide range of pet health care products, dog food, cat food and tick and flea products.

Walmer Dierehospitaal

Om die meeste uit veeartsenykunde te kry, kan daar nie net gekyk word na die kliniese feite wat van die ondersoek van die dier alleen gekry word nie. Die sinergisme wat geskep word wanneer die eienaar, die veearts en die dier almal deel van die problem oplossings proses het, het groot voordele. Ons glo dus dat dit noodsaaklik is dat ons 'n individuele verhouding met elkeen van ons kliënte en hul troeteldiere / diere moet opbou. Dit maak 'n holistiese benadering om die probleem op te los baie makliker en meer haalbaar. Daarom moedig ons ons kliënte aan om die veearts van hul keuse te sien tydens konsultasies, veral waar opvolg konsultasies nodig is. Dit is egter net moontlik by 'n praktyk waar die personeel omset laag is, en waar die praktyk 'n balans tussen veeartse en werklading het. Dieselfde scenario is waar vir die res van ons personeel - ons wil hê ons kliënte moet deel van ons praktyk voel, en gemaklik moet voel met die personeel wat hulle ken en vertrou.

Humansdorp Veterinary Clinic

Dr Charles Deacon [who had returned from practise in Australia] was the first veterinarian to open a practice in the area [in 1967]. Before that the area had been serviced by veterinarians from Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage. In about 1969 Dr Deacon leased [and later purchased] a building which had housed a furniture factory run by the Du Preez brothers [Harry and Jan] and an adjoining cottage. Dr Deacon utilized the factory building as his veterinary clinic and although it has undergone many changes over the years, the original building remains the nucleus of the current veterinary clinic.

JDK Veterinary Services

JDK Veterinary Services offers locum vet work, pregnancy ultrasound scanning, fertility consultations and equine acupuncture across the Eastern Cape in South Africa.

Port Alfred Veterinary Clinic

Started in 1995, Port Alfred Vet Clinic has been servicing the Ndlambe area for over 21 years!No animal is too big or small and we continue to serve pets, domestic animals, wildlife, cattle and exotics with care.Our vision is to be the Premier Veterinary Animal Health Care Service Provider for the region.

Gemsbok Animal Clinic

Gemsbok Animal Clinic offers an extensive range of informed, compassionate and professional clinical services for both small and large animals. We also offer house and farm calls. Our Senior Veterinary Surgeon, Dr T. Mapuvire, has more than five years experience both in the private and public sectors of the veterinary industry obtained from working in three SADC countries.

Gonubie Veterinary Clinic

Gonubie Veterinary Clinic is a modern, registered animal clinic. We are well equipped with modern technology. Drs Southey, Baragwanath, Devnath and Pitt.

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic

Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic Port Elizabeth is a companion animal vet in Port Elizabeth. Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in Port Elizabeth offers the best veterinary medical and surgical care for your pet. Southern Cross Veterinary Clinic in Port Elizabeth became a reality on 7th September 1999 when the property at 8 Salisbury Avenue was purchased. The beautiful clinic with its residential appearance and gardens, safe car park, wheelchair friendly entrance, and its unique facilities is an asset that we are very proud of.