VetDirectory is the central portal for veterinary role player information. We bring together the contact information of role players within the industry.

The necessity for such a portal was derived from veterinarians in practice that had endless struggles in contacting the correct companies as well as keeping track of the company representatives servicing the practice. VetDirectory has been developed as a tool to assist the practising veterinarian as well as other staff members within the veterinary practice to find such contact information as well as other suppliers and product providers which the practice may not have been aware of.

VetDirectory also allows for the public to find information on veterinary practices and other veterinary related companies. This information is very useful as it gives the visitor the information they need from a centralised portal. With new features added to the system regularly, VetDirectory strives to be the number one port of call for all veterinary related information.

VetDirectory started in 2007 as an online portal and has since been improved and changes multiple times to stay ahead of the technology. From 2009 to 2015 VetDirectory was also a physical publication that went out twice a year to all the practices in South Africa.