Listing on VetDirectory

VetDirectory is a local listing site that specialises in indexing small businesses in the veterinary industry according to category and geography. People looking for any veterinary related information make use of listing sites to easily find information that will be relevant to them.

Each listing on VetDirectory has the following features:

Basic contact information

You can provide any potential client with all the information they may need to get in touch with you and to find out what you do. This information includes contact details, address, a short description, your website and social media platforms and even your logo.

Company contacts

Do you have multiple departments or reps with unique contact information? You can easily add these contacts to your listing.


Add even more content to your listing by separating them into pages. Each page has a title and the content. A great way to use this is to make a services page, about page and even a news page where you can let people know exactly what is going on at your company.


Adding items is an easy way of highlighting products or services you offer. Each item has an image, a URL and a short description. The items also have tags which makes it easy to filter through the items.

Ratings and reviews

Users can leave reviews and rating on your listing. These can be very beneficial as it builds authority and helps other know what they can expect. Don't worry, you have control over publishing these reviews or not.

Listing on VetDirectory is easy, create an account and add the information to your business. The best part is that it is completely free!