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Deltamune (Pty) Ltd

Deltamune (Pty) Ltd, with a history dating back to 1977, is a Gauteng-based biotechnology South African company focusing on veterinary and public health, offering both vaccines and diagnostic tests on a commercial scale. Deltamunes veterinary vaccine range includes registered and autogenous vaccines for poultry, ruminants and other species. Autogenous vaccines are produced at the request of veterinarians to alleviate specific disease problems experienced at individual farms or production units. Contract manufacturing of vaccines as well as contract filling of bulk vaccines are done on site. Our diagnostic Test Laboratories are SANAS ISO17025 (V0007) with a scope of accreditation ranging from various microbiological techniques to serology and hygiene and food safety monitoring. The Test Laboratories are also Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) approved for diagnosing and monitoring controlled diseases for example Salmonella enteriditis, Avian Influenza and Newcastle disease.