PetStream Veterinary Clinic

PetStream Veterinary Clinic

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Telephone 1 0878 053 679


Shop 26 Square @midstream, Brackfontein Road, Midstream Estate 1692

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piece of shit vet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the most scummiest of shit I have ever heard off! a RANDOM women catches a cat in a estate, takes the cat whom has a owner to this vet and GETS THE VET TO FIX THE CAT?!?!? THEY EVEN CUT HER EAR TO MARK HER AS A STRAY WHICH SHE IS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But WAIT, the cat STILL has the scars of when WE TOOK HER TO THIS SAME VET TO GET FIXED 2 YEARS AGO?!?!?!? So the vet couldn't do their job as the cat IS ALREADY fixed!!!!!! It took us years to get the previous trauma from this cat and tame her, now this fking random women comes in and undoes YEARS OF WORK, TIME AND EFFORT WE PUT INTO THIS CAT!!! STAY AWAY from this piece of shit vet who is clearly money hungry!!! IMAGINE being this sad individual who exploits animals for financial gain... 100% my lawyer will be in contact with this scum.