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Its easy to understand why you would want to pamper your pet, for many of us our pets are very important members of the family. While having a pet can be fun, we also know that owning a pet takes a great deal of responsibility. This is exactly how we view our business. McMac Pet SA has become a leading supplier of exclusive, innovative and high quality pet products to the veterinary and pet shop sector. Our product portfolio caters specifically for dogs and cats, our favoured companions, and is being continuously developed to keep in line with local and international trends and standards. We remain very selective in our choice of business partners as well as global brands for whom we are representative. In turn, we supply pet specialist outlets who can offer professional advice and expert opinions as we are committed to the well being of our pets, it is important that both our suppliers and stockists share the same values. Our team is passionate about pets and it is through this passion that we are dedicated to providing the market with absolute customer satisfaction, that is both for you and your pet!

Gigwi Dog and Cat Toys

We are has a very simple mission since the first days of its establishment: to help people and their pets spend hours of fun together. Our commitment to pet needs requires a holistic approach to making toys. It begins by using research to understand what sort of materials combined together work best, it continues by bringing together people to develop new ideas, and it comes back round by measuring the outcomes of our products. We gather exceptional team of professionals from all over the world with various backgrounds, beliefs, and perspectives, but we all share one common dream: develop our products for the better and make you and your pet satisfied.