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Activ Equine

Aktiv Equine is a pharmaceutically developed horse care range. Aimed at the horse in motion, no matter what age, purpose or discipline, Aktiv Equine gives the horse the necessary support to live well and be healthy. Aktiv Equine is a new brand. It doesn’t have years of history and heritage behind it. But what it has, is a very knowledgeable and experienced team that has served in the horse care and veterinary industry for years. And the best thing about the “team” behind Aktiv Equine? They just love horses. Hence the personal approach to business. Based in the heart of a growing and evolving South African equestrian industry, Aktiv Equine strives to meet the relevant general and unique needs of both horses and their owners. The brand is committed to providing a complete range to the equestrian industry, hence, Aktiv Equine has set a product launch target of minimum ten new products released each year.


Our care products are tailormade to match your horse’s needs. We offer products for care and sheen, fast regeneration after strenuous exercise, effective fly protection, for hoof and frog care, care of the long hair, skin and coat, supplementary feed, wound care and for the maintenance of equipment.