Vitamins and Supplements

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Medpet (Pty) Ltd

In 1988, long before it was formally incorporated as Medpet (Pty) Ltd, the entity of Medpet began developing products. The South African company's initial focus was in the specialist field of pigeon and avian medicine, vitamins, and healthcare products, but soon branched into developing products for companion animals (mainly dogs and cats). The company slogan "The Scientific Alternative" aims to give insight into the fact that we believe in formulating, producing and supplying premium products that are based on scientific research and proven results. One of our aims is to offer an alternative product choice of at least equivalent quality, at better value.


Sanna, who established Aviomed in 2006, is the wife of the world renowned pigeon and avian veterinarian, Dr Ockert Botha. Sanna, being a professional horse trainer for most of her adult life, realized the importance of correct medication and supplements to ensure optimal performance. Five years ago she started the well known equine company

Animal Zone - Birds

Animalzone gives your pet the best of nature! Our parrot foods and supplements were specifically developed to provide a balanced, healthy diet for parrots and parakeets. The processes used to manufacture our products increase the digestibility and taste of the food, while gaining maximum benefits from the nutrients added.