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Petsa - Bird

AT PETSA WE KNOW YOUR PETS ARE PART OF YOUR FAMILY AND THAT IS WHY WE FOCUS ON PREMIUM QUALITY AND MAKE IT OUR MISSION TO PROVIDE YOU WITH QUALITY BRANDS YOU CAN TRUST. Petsa is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of pet products in South Africa. Petsa caters for your dog, cat, small animal, bird, reptile and fish. Our brands include Wagit, Snugs, Tuggers and our inhouse Petsa brand. Petsa supplies to all of the pet retail stores throughout Southern Africa, which means you will find Petsa Products in any pet store!

Pet Masters

Pet Masters is the largest pet retailer in Southern Africa. Established in 1975 by the late Jan en Lettie La Grange, we have over 30 years of bird and other pet experience. Pet Masters offers its fellow-animal lovers everything from expert advice to a full range of food, pet care products, toys, and livestock. We cater to all pet lovers. We believe that animals are not just something you have, they are there to love and cherish.