Planning on getting a new puppy - Do’s and Don'ts

Picking a dog breed: 

No dog is the same however there are many different times of breeds to give you an overall perspective of the dog. When picking a dog breed, make sure you pick one that will suit your lifestyle. If you are an active person that loves going for park runs, cycling or hiking pick a breed that enjoys being out and about with you. If you are more of a relaxed person that watches a lot of TV or enjoys reading a book get a less active dog, a small apartment dog that is happy with a 30-minute walk three times a week. Do not pick a dog just because it is pretty or because it will protect you. Each breed requires certain needs if you can not provide those needs to the dog then pick on who’s you can. There are quite a few quizzes available on the internet to help you pick the right breed for you.

Bringing your puppy home:

Hooray!!! Your puppy is on his way home, what fun!! How exciting!! Boy oh boy all these mixed emotions in one. BUT!!! Did you get everything ready for your new fur baby? Does he or she have a bed, bowls to eat and drink out? Shopping for your new baby can be easy. You can buy all your new pets toys, pets, pets bowls and so much more online. Besides for having all the basics ready is your home puppy proof? Yip that's right! Your home needs to be puppy proof. Your new puppy will crawl and climb around just about anywhere. You will need to make sure that there are no wires lying around for him or her to chew on eg TV and computer cables etc, also make sure that your medicine and cleaning products are packed away in a safe place where he or she can not get their paws on it.

After your puppy has settled in:

Once you and your puppy have settled in and you feel more comfortable with your fur baby it is time to look for a local veterinarian to take your baby for his or her checkup. You will be able to find your nearest local vet buy using Vet Directory. Most breeders provide your puppy with a certificate that records all your puppy's vaccinations and next due date. Your puppy will need to go back to a vet to get its booster shots, dewormer and also his or her Rabies vaccination. These vaccinations will make sure that your pup does not get any serious fatal diseases. The vet will then also examine your pup to make sure that it is healthy and also provide you with the following checkup dates. After your puppy has done his full course it will only need to go to the vet for its vaccinations once a year.