Our platforms
VetDirectory Online (www.vetdirectory.co.za)
The market leader in providing veterinary role player information. The most up to date platform providing such information, with a track record and exposure that ensures veterinarians and their staff continue to make use of the portal. VetDirectory (www.vetdirectory.co.za) consistently ranks amoungst the top of Google’s search results in South Africa for the word “vet”.
VetDirectory Physical Publication
Every 6 months we distribute two copies of the VetDirectory physical publication, which is an A5 booklet which containing advertisements as well as information of the various role players who wish to be included. The idea is that the doctors retain one copy in the consult room whilst the other copy is kept in the reception area. Furthermore, physical copies of VetDirectory are distributed to students and faculty of Onderstepoort so that your advertisements reach the vets and nurses of the future as well.
VetDirectory Mobile application
On-the-go access to all of the information on the VetDirectory online portal. This is our newest platform and contains some additional features such as: Call the company or contact directly from the mobile device, Save contact details to mobile device, find practices near you. These additional features make the application particularly useful to veterinary company representatives as well as the general public.


VetDirectory is the central portal for veterinary role player information. We bring together the contact information of role players within the industry and then promote the use of the various platforms within veterinary practice.

The necessity for such a portal was derived from veterinarians in practice that had endless struggles in contacting the correct companies as well as keeping track of the company representatives servicing his practice. VetDirectory has been developed as a tool to assist the practicing veterinarian as well as other staff members within the veterinary practice to find such contact information as well as other suppliers and product providers which the practice may not have been aware of.

Whilst our various platforms have grown exponentially and each adds its own value, VetDirectory began as an online portal only. Veterinarians were very keen to use the portal but were somewhat technically challenged and requested a physical publication; we obliged and have since added a mobile application as well. The demographics of the veterinary industry, whereby there is a unique mix of traditional minded veterinarians as well as forward thinking and modern veterinarians in practice, give a place for each of the platforms to be effective. The combination of platforms enables VetDirectory to effectively deliver contact information to the fingertips of those looking for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

VetDirectory offers convenience and efficiency to veterinarians and their practice staff by providing veterinary role player information.
VetDirectory was established as an online portal in 2007, the physical publication was introduced in 2009 and our mobile application was launched in 2013.
The profile and preferences of practicing veterinarians differ vastly.
  • The online platform should be used by any vets that regularly access the internet.
  • The physical publication is geared for old school veterinarians that prefer the physical information in their hands and do not access the internet.
  • The mobile application is for the modern vet that spends a vast amount of time on the internet and has mobile devices through which veterinary information is accessed on the go.
The spread of information platforms covers the preferences of all veterinarians thus insuring that your information reaches each of them.
VetDirectory, with its track record is a prominent name in the veterinary industry. Whilst every veterinarian receives the publication in their practice there is a lot more that goes into the brand of VetDirectory. We actively work on the Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) of www.vetdirectory.co.za to ensure that it constantly ranks on top of Google’s search results for the word “Vet”. Furthermore we attend many veterinary congresses whereby the brand is exposed to the veterinary community.

VetDirectory is your vehicle right into the veterinary practice. Whether your target market is the veterinarian or any of the practice staff, they all have access to and are familiar with VetDirectory. Vets and their staff are using VetDirectory more and more as the central portals which they access for any information to do with the veterinary industry.

As a small company, your presence within the various portals of VetDirectory is the easiest and most cost effective way to get your company and your brand out into the Veterinary Industry. With the growth and popularity of VetDirectory across all three platforms, large companies simply cannot afford not to list and/or advertise with VetDirectory. The fees to be included are extremely competitive and far outweigh the detrimental effect and loss of competitive advantage of not being included in the VetDirectory.

As discussed above, the profile and preferences of veterinarians tend to differ. Thus limiting your listing or advertisement to one platform may mean that some veterinarians never see the advertisements or information that you wish to have available to them.
  • Online/Mobile:
    An online listing entails the display of your company contact information, depending on which listing you have chosen, this includes information such as telephone number, e-mail address, web address, logo, company description etc. An online advertisement however is a banner graphic which is displayed above a chosen category, sub category or search result.
  • Physical Publication:
    A physical publication listing is the placement of your company contact information, such as telephone number, e-mail address, web address etc. this is displayed alongside your company logo and a 50-70 word company description. An advertisement in the physical publication is typically a graphic intense option with little text and highlighting either the company or a specific product.
A standard listing displays all of the critical contact information without any of the additional features. The following information is included in a standard online listing:
  • Company name
  • Physical / Postal address
  • 2 Telephone numbers
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Website address
A premier online listing displays all of the critical contact information as well as some additional features to assist your details to be displayed more frequently (where relevant) and to make your listing stand out amongst other listings. The additional features have been designed for companies to get the most out of having a listing on VetDirectory.
The following contact information is included in a premier online listing:
  • Company name
  • Physical / Postal address
  • 2 Telephone numbers
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Website address
  • Short company description (highly effective to expand search results)
  • Company logo next to company name (100px x 100px)
  • Hyperlink to company website
  • 2 free persons' contact information added to company listing
  • Access to listing statistics
  • Update company information immediately as required

There are a number of distinct differences between the standard online listing and the premier online listing.

A standard online listing merely covers all of your basic yet critical contact information. Clients or prospective clients may find this company information either by recognising your company name in a list of other companies which fall under the same category, or your exact company name may be searched.

With a premier online listing however, clients and prospective clients may still find your company details amongst a list of other companies in the same category but your listing will be accompanied by a colour logo (100px X 100px) as well a company description. These features can help distinguish your company from the rest of the companies listed in that category. Furthermore when a client or prospective client uses the search function on VetDirectory, every word of your company description could feature in the search results, thus vastly increasing the chances of your information being found and attracting new clients.

For companies with a website, a standard listing will merely display your website address where as a premier online listing will hyperlink directly to your website from VetDirectory. Premier listings also get 2 free optional contacts whereby the direct contact details can be added for two individuals. Furthermore companies with premier online listings have access to listing stats, such as number of times their information has been viewed, as well as the option to update company information where relevant, these features are not included in a standard online listing.

The physical publication of VetDirectory is compiled and distributed every six months, thus two issues are sent out every year.
Two copies of each issue of VetDirectory are sent to each veterinary practice on our database. Furthermore the publication is distributed to each veterinary and veterinary nurse student at Onderstepoort as well as the Faculty of Onderstepoort. The result of this direct distribution is that each recipient of the VetDirectory is a relevant and targeted recipient. In total 3500 publications are distributed this audience.
Two copies of each issue of VetDirectory are sent to each veterinary practice on our database. Furthermore the publication is distributed to each veterinary and veterinary nurse student at Onderstepoort as well as the Faculty of Onderstepoort.
The students at Onderstepoort are the veterinarians and vet nurses of the future. We include them in the marketing and distribution of VetDirectory so that when they qualify they are already familiar with the companies and brands who list and advertise with VetDirectory. Many students actively chase information relevant to the veterinary industry and VetDirectory is the vehicle whereby they can rely on getting the information.
The prices displayed on our rate card are the total prices for the full 6 month listing/advertising period. We strive to keep our prices as low as possible, this results in the monthly fees being too low to warrant the administration involved.
  • Online / Mobile
    The code of the online portal has been written to track and record various statistics which occur on the site. The following events are monitored by the system for each company on the portal:
    • Full details viewed
    • General search results
    • Emails sent to company
    • Website links clicked
    • Emails sent to company contacts
  • Physical
    We ran a survey in the 5th issue of the VetDirectory physical publication whereby respondents were asked to complete the survey and submit their feedback to VetDirectory. There was an incentive of R1000.00 for one lucky respondent. The results of the survey have been converted to percentages for ease of use.
Online information can be updated at any time and should be updated as soon as possible after the change occurred. Users with a premier online listing can log in themselves and update such information. Information published in the physical directory can only be change in the next issue. A new issue is published every 6 months.